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What is HydroJet?

October 01, 2010

HydroJet is Bradford Whites strong technological advantage in water heaters.

This system gives you high efficiency, high deliverability, highly effective self cleaning and improved lifespan.

The video demonstration below shows the dynamic achievement of the HydroJet System.

HydroJet applies the laws of physics and augments the power of flowing water to create a new level of top performance.

How does it work?

Normally as water flows into a water heater it flows slowly into the tank and mixes gradually, this results in increased stacking of various water temperatures. This type of system also has low performance rating in the first hour.  There is also a high probability of harmful sediment build-up at the bottom of your tank and on tank walls.

HydroJet on the other hand uses an advanced jet ports to distribute water quickly and efficiently throughout the tank.  This efficiency yields up to a 10 percent increase in deliverability and reduces temperature stacking significantly. In addition, because of the increased turbulence that is introduced into the water by these jets the sediment accumulation is prevented from settling on the bottom and collecting on tank walls. 

With HydroJet's advanced jet ports you get an overall better water heater that has improved deliverability is more efficient and lowers temperature stratification.  All these systems give you a lower cost of ownership and a system that greatly reduces harmful sediment giving your unit and increased lifespan.


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