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Environmentally Friendly Water Heaters

Do your dreams of owning a greener, more energy-efficient home come crashing down every time you open your latest utility bill? If you answered “yes,” then a tankless, hybrid electric, or solar-power water heater installed by the professionals at Whitton Plumbing may be the key to turning this dream into reality.


Tank water heaters present quite a few drawbacks to consumers like you who want to slash their electricity bills. Tank water heaters must operate 24 hours a day to maintain a set temperature range, and they can supply hot water only for very short periods of time, which means that back-to-back showers and even full, steamy baths are usually out of the question. And their inefficiency and inadequacy is met with a third drawback -- a short lifespan. Average life expectancy of a tank water heater runs from eight to ten years.

Tankless hot water heating systems, on the other hand, heat water directly and thus eliminate the need for a storage tank. This makes tankless hot water heaters more energy efficient because they avoid the standby heat losses associated with conventional storage water heaters. Tankless hot water heaters only heat water when it’s needed. This reduces energy consumption by ten to 15 percent, which translates into considerable savings on your electricity bill.


We at Whitton Plumbing can meet all of your hot water heater needs because we stock and install the latest and most advanced systems, including the GE® Hybrid water heater.

GE's Hybrid electric water heater can reduce your household’s water heating costs up to 62 percent. That's a savings of over $320 per year for households with three occupants. And you can enjoy the peace of mind which comes with knowing that the GE Hybrid, the very first unit to have earned ENERGY STAR® certification, will reduce your household's carbon footprint.

Installing an energy efficient water heater may carry with it the added bonus of a government rebate. The federal government grants a tax credit for the purchasing and installing of certain energy efficient hot water heating systems. So making your home green helps to save you green.



More and more homes in the United States are being built or retrofitted for solar power. These solar-powered homes are reducing the nation’s dependency on fossil fuels by minimizing their carbon footprint. But you don’t need to have your home run completely on solar power to do your part to help the environment. A solar-powered hot water heating system is the perfect way to reduce your carbon footprint, making your home an environmentally-friendly and efficient place.

Though initially more expensive than conventional electric or gas water heaters, a solar-powered hot water heating system immediately starts saving you money upon installation -- sometimes well over $500 a year! This is especially important because hot water represents the second largest energy consumer in American households. A typical 80 gallon electric hot water tank serving a family of four will consume roughly 150 million British Thermal Units (BTUs) in its seven-year lifespan. The cost for the energy used by the average electric hot water tank over its lifespan can exceed $4,000. This figure does not factor in the cost of having to replace the conventional hot water heater once it has exceeded its lifespan.

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