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Garbage Disposals: 8 Signs When It’s Time To Call The Pros

November 27, 2019

8 Signs it's time to replace your garbage disposal:

If you live in the Valley, you already know that a garbage disposal is considered a must-have item. Garbage disposals can help prevent clogs, reduce garbage bag use, and also make life in the kitchen easier. A well-maintained garbage disposal can serve your home for decades. Even when a garbage disposal breaks, a quick DIY repair is often all you need to get things running again. 

Unfortunately, not all Mesa garbage disposals can be fixed using regular tools and a knack for DIY work. Sometimes, you need to call a local plumber to help you out. Not sure who to call, or if you should do it yourself? These warning signs indicate that it may be time to call up Whitton Plumbing for garbage disposal help. 

1) The kitchen drain is gushing out water or slurry. The biggest indicator of a need for a professional is when your sink starts getting out of control. Extreme leaks or backup could indicate a serious problem with your plumbing, septic tank, or boiler.
In most cases, this isn’t even a garbage disposal problem, but an all-around plumbing problem. Don’t try to troubleshoot flooding on your own! Get a plumbing professional immediately! New garbage disposal installation is not costly compared to water damage should it clog.




2) You have no DIY experience. If you are not used to doing your own repairs, it’s not a good idea to start with a repair that involves plumbing in any way, shape, or form. Plumbing repairs can get far more expensive if they involve repairing damage you did to an already-existing problem yourself. 

3) You dropped something important down the disposal. It’s a trope on TV, but make no mistake about it. Many garbage disposals have swallowed up rings, coins, and other valuables. Reaching down the drain is extremely unsafe, even if you shut off the disposal. This case is always one where a professional is your best bet. 

4) Regular cleaning practices won’t unclog it. Did you try to clean your disposal with a bunch of different plumber-approved tactics, but to no avail? Does it always drain slowly, no matter what you do? Don’t try to pour harsh chemicals down the drain, as it can potentially damage your plumbing. It may be time to call a whitton plumber for a more intense cleaning. Often times there is a supplied key you can use to manually crank the disposal. This most often is a large allen wrench that fits in the bottom.


5) It stopped working, even after you troubleshoot it. You turned it off and on again. You cleaned it. You tapped it. You even made sure it was plugged in correctly. Still nothing. Sound familiar? If it’s not even making noise, you may need to call a plumber who can replace or fix garbage disposals soon. 


6) Your drain smells foul, no matter how well you clean your disposal. Drains should never smell bad, period. If you’re noticing a rancid smell from your kitchen drain, it’s suggesting that your garbage disposal isn’t really chopping up the matter you place in it correctly—or that something is stuck there. Try to deodorize your disposal using organic enzyme liquid or by dropping a lemon peel down the disposal. If the smell continues to come back, you may have something stuck in there 


7) Drain flies are taking over your kitchen, even though you regularly clean your disposal. Drain flies are small, slow-flying insects that feed off organic materials left in drains and plumbing. They are harmless, but they are annoying.
In normal situations, pouring some enzyme cleaner down the disposal on a regular basis will be enough to kill their eggs and wipe out their food. If this doesn’t work, you should be worried. It often indicates a worse plumbing problem, often one that involves a burst pipe somewhere in your home. 


8) It’s been about 15 years since you installed a garbage disposal. Though most garbage disposals you’ll see in Arizona are sturdy, they still do have a lifespan. Plumbers suggest replacing your garbage disposal every 7 to 15 years. If it’s been over 15 years since you got a new disposal, you’re overdue for a call. 


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