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11/27/2019 - Garbage Disposals: 8 Signs When It’s Time To Call The Pros

If you live in the Valley, you already know that a garbage disposal is considered a must-have item. Garbage disposals can help prevent clogs, reduce garbage bag use, and also make life in the kitchen easier. A well-maintained garbage disposal can serve your home for decades. Even when a garbage disposal breaks, a quick DIY repair is often all you need to get things running again. 

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09/08/2014 - How Does Water Pressure Work?

Did you know that too much water pressure can harm your plumbing systems?  Watch this video on how to protect your plumbing systems and see if you have a problem.

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08/21/2014 - Extend The Life Of Your Water Heater?

Did you know you can extend the life of your water heater by flushing your tank periodically?

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06/24/2014 - Don't Hit Your Plumbing Pipes

How do you ensure you don't hit your plumbing pipe when installing a cabinet or shelf?

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06/05/2014 - Smelly Garbage Disposal

Have a smelly garbage disposal? Here's a tip that may help

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