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Cleaning Hard Water Deposits

March 19, 2014

This is an oldie but a goodie.  If you have hard water and your faucets or shower heads are clogged fill a small plastic bag with vinegar and then attach it to your shower head or faucet head, use a rubber band or twisty tie and let it sit for an hour or two.  Make sure you put enough vinegar to cover the head of the fixture to get the best effect.  The acetic acid in the vinegar acts a solvent to break down the hard water build-up.

Of course you are also welcome to use any of the readily available chemicals on the market to do the same job but this is a natural and safer method to accomplish the same thing.  Even though vinegar is safe and natural, it still won't feel good if you get it in your eyes, so be careful.

Do you have a tip to keep your plumbing fixtures clean?  Share your comments with us.

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