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Does your water pressure seem to be decreasing?

February 12, 2014

Tip of the week #2

Does your water pressure seem to be decreasing at your faucets or showers? There are a few things you can do to immediately increase your water pressure at each of your fixtures, so please read on.

Unless you have a good water treatment system, here in Arizona, you have hard water, which contributes to sediment and hard water deposits in your water heater and also in your fixtures. One of the factors in lower water pressure can be a clogged aerator.

Aerators are just that, a device that adds air to your water as it comes out of the fixture; this consists of a tiny screen that naturally decreases the flow of water and also helps the water come out in a nice even flow. 

However, these aerators also catch sediment and other buildup that might come from your water lines and may originate from your water heater. So, the solution is usually simple, either clean or replace your aerators. For a faucet and shower head, usually this is as simple as unscrewing it, removing the aerator and removing the clog. Sometimes, replacing the aerator is the best approach as it may have too much buildup to easily remove.

You may also want to do some simple maintenance on your water heater. Check out our post on December 26th "How can I extend the life of my Water Heater?" for more information.

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