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Get a Hot Water Recirculation Pump

March 26, 2014

Tip of the week #8

Get a hot water recirculation pump.

Installing a hot water recirculation pump can save you time and money by speeding up how long it takes for the hot water to come out your fixture. 

If you have a traditional water heater, hot water is heated in a tank and released from the tank when a fixture is turned on.  Once the flow of water starts, it pushes the water that has cooled down since the last use, and eventually becomes hot. 

Using a recirculation pump keeps the water in your pipes constantly moving, so it is always hot.  Since your traditional hot water heater is always heating the water, there is no extra work for the water heater, the end result is less wasted water and time.

Do you have a recirculation pump?  Tell us how it works for you.

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