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How To Get Rid of Smelly Water

May 07, 2014

Tip of the week #13

Many homes in Arizona have a sulfur or rotten egg smell in the domestic water being supplied to their home. This can be caused by several factors including sulfur and bacteria, but the underlying cause is not enough oxygen in the water.

If you can solve the low oxygen problem by removing the other factors, you can control the order problem as well.

We have had remarkable results with a “Whole House Carbon Filter” system. This whole house unit services your complete home and uses carbon filter to remove sulfur from the incoming water.

You can also install, point-of-use units under your kitchen sink, at your water heater, or at your fridge for ice and drinking water. 

Another contributing factor for this condition is the temperature of the water coming into your home. The hotter it is outside worse the condition. Low water consumption
can also be a factor, so snow birds will have it even worse. Untreated water sets in vessels like water heaters, dishwashers and p-traps creating this smell whenever you are near by.

So our tip this week for those of you with smelly water is, install a whole house carbon filter. We have units that are low or no maintenance, and don't require you to replace any filters.

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