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Prevent Flood on Vavation

April 02, 2014

Tip of the week #9

What's the best way to prevent a flood in your house while on vacation? Check your water supplies before leaving? That certainly helps, but we think the best way is to turn off the water to your house. This guarantees there cannot be any problems while you are away. 

But what do you do if don't want your nice green lawn to die while you are gone? Some homes are already equip with separate shutoff valves, one main shutoff at the meter, one for the house and one for the landscape watering system. 

If you not lucky enough to have this configuration, you may be able, for not too much money, have a plumber install the required valves. We did this recently for a home owner, and now when they are out of town they can have piece of mind that they won't be coming home to a flood. 

In this case we installed a shutoff for the house, and front/rear landscaping so maintenance is simple.

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