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3 Ways to Beat the Heat with our Misting Systems

June 22, 2021

Arizona heat is no joke, and enjoying the outdoors in the midst of summer is not a question without some way to cool you and your family off. 

Sporting events, summer activities, and more tend to quickly fill your schedule during the summer months. Hours are spent trying to prepare yourself and your family to be in the heat of Arizona, but nothing really seems to work well enough. Backyard ice chests are loaded to the brim with ice-cold drinks, and pool days are scheduled in hopes it will keep some of the heat at bay. You and your family have made it through yet another school year, and all you want to do is sit back and relax outside. If any of this sounds like you, there is a solution that can completely change your Arizona summer experience. 

Outdoor misting systems are your all-around answer to beat the Arizona heat this summer. 

Not only do misting systems work to cool you off in the heat of the day but they can be used for a variety of other purposes.

Three Ways to Use Misting Systems

Eliminate Insects

Along with the heat, another nuisance of summer is mosquitoes and other bugs. While you want to enjoy sitting on your patio, the harsh impact of the sun coupled with swarming mosquitoes doesn’t make the best environment for enjoying. 

Installing an outdoor misting system not only minimizes the impact of harsh Arizona heat but will also keep bugs at bay. The reason bugs stay away from your patio when a misting system is installed is because the mist will knock them down every time they try and enter. When the insects are hit by the fine mist, it can quickly render them immobile and keep your patio bug-free. 

Cool off Livestock

Whether you live on 1 acre or have a variety of livestock enclosures, having a way to keep your livestock cool during the intense summer heat is crucial. When Arizona temperatures are known to break 100 degrees during the summer months, it is vital to take care of your livestock too.

By installing an outdoor misting system for your animals to use, you won’t have to worry about Arizona heat affecting them throughout the summer months. An outdoor misting system is a great solution that keeps your livestock happy without you having to consistently go out and make sure they are cool and content. 

Enjoy your Backyard Patio

Last but certainly not least, you can enjoy your backyard patio throughout the hottest months in Arizona and throughout the year with an outdoor misting system.

With a system that dramatically decreases the temperature surrounding you, you can spend the whole day outside without worrying about the heat. A patio that maintains a bearable temperature creates the optimal situation for outdoor dinner parties and relaxing outdoors. Even if your kids want to run around in the sun, having a refreshing outdoor escape makes a perfect place for them to cool off. 

How do Misting Systems Work?

An outdoor misting system installed in your backyard can reduce the harsh temperatures up to 35 degrees! You may be wondering how in the world a misting system can keep you cool without having you and your guests drenched with water. 

Misting systems work by using a high-pressure pump, tubing, and a stainless steel misting nozzle. When water travels thru the pump and tubing and makes its way out the misting nozzle, it is emitted as a fine mist. 

The fine mist is a result of water being pushed out of a tiny misting nozzle. Once the super fine mist enters the air, it almost immediately evaporates. When the mist is extruded out of the nozzle, it will create a barrier around you that can reduce the temperature of the air exponentially. For this reason, the misting systems are typically installed 8-10 feet above the ground. 

Outdoor Misting Systems can be installed in various places and can be used for both residential and commercial purposes. 

Learn more about Outdoor Misting Systems

Misting systems are a great addition to your backyard that can be a complete gamechanger for your outdoor space. Friends and family will be flocking to your outdoor living area to beat the heat while also creating summer memories. Gone are the days of sitting outside in Arizona for mere moments before sweat begins. Combat heat with mist that creates a barrier of fine particles keeping you cool all day long. 


Our team at Whitton Plumbing specializes in residential and commercial misting systems and can get you ready to enjoy your summer without battling Arizona heat. Reach out to us today for your commercial and residential outdoor misting system needs! 

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