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Get Hot Water Fast!

January 18, 2012

In addition to running lots of water and money down the drain, the time you take each morning to wait for your water to get hot before you jump in the shower can be annoying to say the least. 

Arizona is not known for it's cold weather but try taking a shower in the winter months without waiting for it to get hot enough to be comfortable.

Have you ever wished that your hot water could get there faster and save you some time and money? 


Generally your water heater is outside and a good distance from your bathrooms.  Hot water sits still in the pipes unless it is running.  During this time water in your pipes will either heat up in the summer time, depending on the level of insulation, or cool down in the winter time.  In order to deliver hot water to your shower or faucet the stagnant water must first be pushed out.  So, you get the picture, the longer the pipe the more stagnant water exists in the lines, the longer it takes for you to get hot water.


So now you need to decide what problem you need to solve: 

  1. Do you need hot water delivered faster? 
  2. Do you need more hot water than your system can produce?
  3. Are you in need of instant hot water for your morning drink?
  4. Are you interested in better efficiency for you hot water needs?

Anwser these questions and then review the possible solutions below.


The solution can be as simple as installing a Recurculation Pump or an Instant-Hot tank at your kitchen sink or as complicated as installing a new series of tankless hot water heaters.

Recirculation Pumps

A recirculation pump is a device that is placed at farthest end of your plumbing pipes.  The device sends the stale water back to the water heater using either an existing cold water pipe or a retrofitted cold water return line.  This type of solution is great for traditional hot water systems that are running all the time.  They test the tempurature of the water in the line and recirculate it as needed in the most efficient way. 

These types of systems are usually equipped with a timer so you can set them to run at the times you need it most to prevent wasted electricity.

We recommend you contact an experienced plumbing company to recommend and install a quality recirculation system.

Note:  Recirculation Pumps are generally not compatible with tankless system as they would cause the water heater to run more than needed.  Be sure to notify your plumbing company if you have a tankless water heater.

Instant-Hot Tanks

There are several devices that can be installed at isolated locations to provide a small amount, up to 2-3 gallons, of water that is heated to your specific temperature.  This can be useful at a kitchen sink or a bar to provide piping hot water instantly.  These system are independant of your water heater and are placed very close to the faucet where they are needed.  This independance eliminates the delay in getting water to you and also can provide a much higher tempurature than you would want to go to your bathrooms.

Note: Instant-Hot tanks are usually inexpensive and easy to install but they do require the appropriate electrical connections and would require an electrician to install outlets as needed.

Tankless Water Heaters

Do you need an endless amount of hot water?  Tankless Water heaters that are properly sized and located can do just that.  Maybe you have a traditional hot water heater installed and want to augment it by installing a tankless system in your master bathroom.  This would provide nearly instantly hot water on demand for as long as you want it. 

Tankless water heaters can also be more effecient than traditional system because they only heat the water when you ask for it versus a traditional system that is constantly heating your water. 

Decision Time

Now it's decision time.  Thankfully all of these solutions are ready and available today for new or existing homes.  Just because your home was not built for these solutions doesn't mean there isn't a solution available for you.  Consider your options and what you need and contact a reputable plumbing company to get you started on your way to getting hot water where you need it, FAST!

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