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No Lead Plumbing 2014

January 06, 2014

No Lead Plumbing

Over the past many years the plumbing industry has been involved in an effort to remove all lead from plumbing pipes, joints and fixtures.  

Anything that touches the water you drink can be a potential danger; joints that require solder that contain lead or fixtures or pipes that contain lead can allow small amounts of this potentially dangerous heavy metal to enter your body.

Most homes built today have plumbing systems that are virtually free of lead, however homes built before 1986 are much more likely to have the potential for problems with lead pipes, solder and fixtures.

So if your home is older you may want to have your water tested to ensure your lead levels are safe.  Lead is rarely found in source water that you get from your city, but can be found in the water that sits in your pipes of an older home.  The longer the water sits the more potential for contamination.

Effective January 4, 2014 the Safe Drinking Water Act has been amended to ensure that no plumbing fixture, pipes, joints or solders contain more than 0.25% lead.  This new law forces manufactures to continue the ongoing effort to improve the process that is used to build plumbing pipes and fixtures.

So there is still a potential for lead?

Yes, but the levels are so low that the EPA feels they are safe for consumption.  But what if I don't want any lead or other harmful heavy metals in my drinking water?  There are many water treatment systems out there to chose from that will help remove harmful contaminants.

Contact us and we would be happy discuss all the possibilities, test your water and recommend a good treatment system if one is needed.

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