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Your Simple Guide to Leak Detection and Why It's Important - October Newsletter

October 28, 2021

It is truly a gut-wrenching feeling when you figure out that there has been a leak in your home for quite some time. Not only can it be devastating financially, but it could involve hours on end figuring out where the leak is and the best way to fix it. 

With many pipes hidden out of plain sight, homeowners often don’t realize the intensity of a leak until later down the road. For this reason, we created a simple guide of what to look for so you can catch a leak before it is too late, saving you time and money. 

Water Pressure Change 

If you turn on your faucet only to find water trickling out with nonexistent water pressure, this is a solid sign that there is likely a leak somewhere in your system. A water pressure change in either your bathroom or kitchen can be frustrating but can also help you discover a leak sooner rather than later. 

Listen for Dripping

It is truly a terrible feeling to have all of the faucets in your home turned off and still hear water dripping. If you suddenly hear dripping or running water with nothing turned on, this may point to a leak within your plumbing system. 

Keep your Eyes Open for Water Spots 

More often than not, one of the quickest ways to discover a water leak as a homeowner is to scan your home for brownish or yellow spots. These spots are often soft and can increase in size as time goes on. 

If you notice a water spot in any area of your home, it is critical to reach out for help from a professional before it gets any worse. Water spots can be on the ceiling of your home or even be found by discovering mildewy carpet in your home. 

Examine Under Your Sink 

Another place to catch a water leak before it has had time to wreak havoc is underneath your sink. You will often be greeted with a puddle underneath your sink that is a sure sign of a leak that needs your attention. 

Doing a quick scan under your sink as you grab cleaning supplies a few times a month will only take a few seconds and can save you from encountering more significant issues down the road. A few things you can check for while looking under your sink is any warped wood or water puddles.

Increase in Water Bill

If you open your monthly water bill only to see prices skyrocketed without any known cause, it may be time to check for leaks. Many leaks can be hard to uncover on your own, but a sudden increase in your water bill can be a red flag pointing to a leak. 

Schedule a Leak Detection Visit With Whitton Plumbing 

Finding a leak in your home early on can save you thousands of dollars and ensures your home stays in great shape. 


Are you worried about leaks in your home? Reach out to our team to get started with detecting leaks in your home today! Our knowledgeable team at Whitton Plumbing can come to your rescue with state-of-the-art equipment and top-of-the-line service.

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