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11/20/2020 - Holiday Plumbing Survival Guide: Your "other" Thanksgiving Preparation Checklist - November Monthly Newsletter

If you plan to be the host with the most this Thanksgiving holiday weekend, you probably have checklists galore covering menus, cleaning chores, guest room preparations, yard work, and More. Here at Whitton Plumbing, we’ve seen the typical issues that seem to arise over busy holiday weekends when homes are filled with more people than usual. In the spirit of helping you have a fun and stress-free weekend with no plumbing surprises, we respectfully submit the following tasks for consideration on your pre-holiday preparation checklist...

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10/30/2020 - Clogs And Leaks: When To DIY And When To Call For Help - October Monthly Newsletter

When it comes to taking on projects around the house, there are certain things that the average homeowner DIYs all the time. It would be silly to call an electrician to replace a light bulb or a cabinet maker to swap out your kitchen knobs.

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09/01/2020 - How Environmentally Friendly Water Heaters Save You Money - September Monthly Newsletter

Did you know that your water heater accounts for almost 17% of your household energy use? That’s right. Your water heater uses more energy than all of your other household appliances combined! 

While it sounds like a shocking statistic, it should come as no surprise, due to the amount of hot water we rely on every day. I mean, laundry alone, right? Add in the dishwasher and all the showers, and it’s easy to see how your water heater can run up your electric bill every month. 

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08/07/2020 - 3 Top Tips To Preserve Your Plumbing - August Monthly Newsletter

What do opposable thumbs, the mail, and a hot shower have in common? These are just three of a million things that we tend to take for granted. After all, it’s easy to assume we will always be able to open a jar of peanut butter, thanks to our handy-dandy thumbs, that important notifications (and a ton of junk mail) will come to our post box every day, and that our shower will produce hot, clean water each and every time we want it to....

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07/09/2020 - 5 Common Misting System Mistakes And How To Avoid Them - July Monthly Newsletter

The thought of enjoying your misting system is exciting. Whether you are installing it for the first time or bringing it out of storage, you feel excited. You picture yourself enjoying the outdoor areas of your home, even on the hottest summer days. And in our Phoenix area, it can get hot. And humid. And dry. And hotter.

The misting system is one of the best decisions you have made. It is inexpensive, easy to operate, and makes barbecuing, lounging by the pool, and even yard chores more enjoyable....

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