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03/06/2020 - Leak Detection And Repair

If you have a leak somewhere, finding it and repairing it as soon as possible is key to preventing major damage to your home.

Leaks can happen for many different reasons, most of which are out of your control. Sometimes leaks occur due to home builder error. They may have used faulty plumbing materials. Or, an animal may have chewed through a pipe from the outside of your home....

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02/17/2020 - Whole Home Scale Inhibitor Devices

It’s Friday evening. You jump in the shower, excited for a hot, relaxing cleanse. Your shower takes a turn for the worst when only a few streams of water flow from the nozzle to your body. You look up to the shower head to see what’s wrong....

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07/10/2019 - Want To Save Water? Go Green With A Low Flow Toilet.

Conventional toilets can use about six gallons of water per flush. And since the average person flushes five times per day (yes, someone studied this), depending on the number of people in your household, it can really add up.

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06/01/2019 - What Is An Outdoor Misting System?

Outdoor misting systems pressurize water through small holes in a mist nozzle to disperse fine droplets of water. As the water evaporates, it can result in cooling effects of up to 30 degrees. Misting systems are installed approximately 8 to 10 feet above the ground,around the perimeter of your patio, gazebo, or other open-air structure to cool the surrounding areas...

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03/20/2019 - How To Properly Clean A Garbage Disposal

A clean garbage disposal is a must have in your home as it can help prevent bad smells and keep the drains from clogging. It is important to know how to clean your garbage disposal properly so that there are no traces left that can attract pests and also give of awful smells and make it even harder to clean in the future. When you stand over your sink and get whiffs of a foul odor it's probably time...

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