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08/31/2018 - Why Water Heaters Fail

It’s the middle of winter, you wake up to take a shower and after you wait your typical 30 seconds for the water to warm up, you get half way in and it’s still ICE COLD. What do you do? How can you prevent your water heater breaking down? Not only are you unable to shower because there is no hot water but the dishwasher will not clean and sanitize the dishes as expected without hot water. “Of all times, why did the heater stop working now?” 

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09/02/2014 - Hybrid Electric Saves You Money

Water heaters are the second highest suorce of energy use in a home.  Check out this Pump up the savings graphic by one of our water heater manufacturers A.O. Amith or check out for more information.

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01/23/2014 - Detecting Sewer Smells

Do you have a strange smell in your home that you just can't figure out?  It may be that there is a plumbing vent or drain has a leak.  These types of leaks are difficult to detect, but with the right technology, they can be resolved.  Read on to find out how Whitton Plumbing can help you get your home smelling like home again.

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01/06/2014 - No Lead Plumbing 2014

The Safe Drinking Water Act ammendement in now in effect as of January 4, 2014.  This act is intended to further the continuing effort of removing lead from drinking water.  Plumbing manufactures are now required to ensure that no plumbing components have more than 0.25% lean.

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01/18/2012 - Get Hot Water Fast!

Have you ever been frustrated by the long wait for your hot water to get from your water heater to your shower or faucet?

There are several solutions you might be interested in.  Check out this article.

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