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06/11/2020 - Benefits Of Buying A Misting System - June Monthly Newsletter

Gearing up for the Arizona summer may have you thinking of creative ways to stay cool outside. You recollect all your attempts from previous years, like tying the garden hose to a tree branch for a makeshift sprinkler system. 


If you are brainstorming new ideas, that means the old ones didn't work. That's okay. We're here to help, and we think we have the perfect solution: Misting Systems...

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05/15/2020 - Improve Your Water Quality - May Monthly Newsletter

According to a report issued by the City of Phoenix, the drinking water in your area comes from a variety of sources. These included streams, rivers, lakes, springs and wells. However, most of your water comes from surface water (98%) that they claim, “most likely started as snow-pack”.

When they say, “most likely”, you get the sense that they are not too sure and that they are guessing the water’s origin.

That is just not good enough...

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04/13/2020 - No Toilet Paper? No Problem! Bidets Are Better Option Than Toilet Paper.

In times like this, when the Coronavirus scare sends Americans into a toilet paper hoarding frenzy, those with bidets are sitting back with no worries or fears. That’s because they know bidets are the world’s greatest bathroom secret to cleanliness and comfort. It may be a secret they don’t want to share...

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03/06/2020 - Leak Detection And Repair

If you have a leak somewhere, finding it and repairing it as soon as possible is key to preventing major damage to your home.

Leaks can happen for many different reasons, most of which are out of your control. Sometimes leaks occur due to home builder error. They may have used faulty plumbing materials. Or, an animal may have chewed through a pipe from the outside of your home....

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02/17/2020 - Whole Home Scale Inhibitor Devices

It’s Friday evening. You jump in the shower, excited for a hot, relaxing cleanse. Your shower takes a turn for the worst when only a few streams of water flow from the nozzle to your body. You look up to the shower head to see what’s wrong....

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